Plan a Visit to Sunshine Community Church

Visiting a new church can be pretty intimidating! We know, because we’ve all been there. We’ve designed this page to help you prepare for your first visit to Sunshine Community Church so you will know exactly what to expect.

On a typical Sunday morning at Sunshine Community Church you’ll find many different kinds of people on different parts of their faith journey. Chances are, there will be other newcomers, just like you. Whether you’re new to church and faith, or a longtime follower of Jesus, we have a place for you.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions when considering a visit to Sunshine Community Church:

Service Times and Location

Our church campus is located at 3019 Coit Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505

10am Sunday


When you enter the church parking lot, please feel free to park near the front. We try to leave the nearer spots for our more seasoned members and our guests. If you require a sheltered drop-off or handicap entry, you can use our covered entry (Entry A) and any of the marked handicap parking spots.

Entering the Building

The main two entries for Sunday mornings are on the north side (parking lot side) of the building and are labeled Entry B and Entry C.

Once you enter through these main doors, you will see a central display that includes welcome materials and is curated by our staff. Feel free to look it over at your leisure.

You will also notice greeters handing out bulletins near the sanctuary doors. You don’t have to interact with them at length unless you need help but, if you do identify yourself as a first-time guest, they’ll help you locate a special gift we have for you.

What About My Kids?

We have way-finding signs located throughout the building! The nurseries and children’s check-in area are well labeled and easy to find. Look for the big sign that says, “Child Check-In.” There, our children’s team will register your kids for programs. This will take a few minutes, so be sure to get there a little early.

We take the safety and security of your children seriously. All of our ministry volunteers have been screened and background checked for safety, and we take many steps to ensure transparency, accountability, and security in our space. By checking your child in and out of our Child Check-In environment, you can experience the main worship service worry-free.

Of course! You can certainly keep them with you for the whole service.

Usually, parents use nursery care through the whole service. Sunday school-aged children typically stay with their parents during the singing time and then are dismissed just before the message starts.

If you aren’t ready to send your child to Sunday school yet, that’s fine – kids of all ages are always a welcome addition to the service! Just note that your child would be missing the specially-created content we have prepared for them. At Sunshine Community Church, our children’s ministry is much more than “childcare.” We intentionally structure our programs to help kids learn the Bible, understand the gospel, and put their faith into practice in everyday life.

Since this all happens during the second half of the service, parents are freed up to really engage with the message and the whole family has a chance to grow. The lessons are taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by caring for you and your kids. We do our best to ensure that your children will love it and learn a lot!

Our children’s ministry has age-appropriate environments on Sunday mornings as follows:

  • Infant Nursery (0-walking)
  • Toddler Nursery (walking-3)
  • Sunday School:
    • 3 – Kindergarten
    • 1st and 2nd Grade
    • 3rd and 4th Grade

Should you ever have any questions, any member of our staff or any of our volunteers will be happy to help you! Also, if you have any questions about Children’s Ministry before attending a service, please contact our Children’s Director who will be happy to respond.

Contact Ashleigh

What’s a Service Like?

Our services typically last about 75 minutes.
  • The service will begin with about 15-20 minutes of music led by a live band. The words of the songs will be projected onto large screens. Many people will sing along, and you can too. Participate as you feel comfortable. We use music as a way of expressing our love for God and appreciation for what He has done for us.
  • There will likely be a few times that one of the leaders will pray during the service. The congregation might be invited to sit or to stand up during those prayers or songs. The main thing to know is that there won’t be any special actions, phrases, or gestures you need to know to participate – we won’t leave you guessing or jumping through hoops.
  • One of our pastors will teach a lesson from the Bible. Our goal is to help everyone understand the Bible and to apply it to their lives. The teaching will be practical and challenging, and hopefully will inspire you in your personal pursuit of God.
  • On some occasions, we may have a baptism during the service. At other times, we celebrate communion together. At every service, someone on the platform will explain what’s happening so you can understand what is happening and how to participate or observe according to your preference.
  • At the conclusion of our service each Sunday, we take an offering of financial gifts. This opportunity is for those who call Sunshine Community Church their home church. As our guest, you’re not expected to give any money. That decision is totally up to you. We have been blessed with many opportunities to serve the needs of our community and, through the generosity of our church members, we can meet those needs. You are welcome to join in God’s work at Sunshine Community Church when you feel you’re ready.

Get to Know Us

Our ultimate goal is for everyone at Sunshine Community Church to feel comfortable and confident in their ability to read and understand the Bible. If you don’t own a Bible, we’d love to give you one. Please stop by the Welcome Center and ask. You can also download a Bible app to your phone for easy access. Yes, that’s why all the people sitting around you have their phones out during the service. They’re not texting! Well, most of them aren’t. 😉

Watch Sermons

About our Music (AKA Worship)

Our worship is heartfelt and passionate at Sunshine. You will hear a variety of music – including current praise songs and some traditional hymns – played on a variety of instruments. Our musicians are homegrown and sincere, and no matter what music set is planned for a given Sunday, the songs will focus on God and encourage congregational singing. We want to equip people of all ages to worship God with all their hearts!

Other FAQs

Our attendees come in everything from shorts and flip flops to dresses and slacks – so come in whatever you’re comfortable wearing! We’re just excited for you to join us! We’re confident that you’ll fit in no matter how you dress.

We want you to feel welcome at Sunshine Community Church, but you are free to remain as anonymous as you need while you check things out. You’ll never be asked to stand up individually, identify yourself, wear a special name tag, or anything else that might make you feel singled out.

As our guest, we do not expect any money from you. We will have an offering during the service, but we encourage you to let the baskets pass you by. The offering is a way for the Sunshine Community Church family to respond to God and join the mission of the church through their giving. If you’re new, we don’t expect you to give. Our service is a gift to you.

If you do consider Sunshine Community Church your church home, we’d love for you to prayerfully consider regular giving. You can give by check or cash at weekend services or any time during the week when you’re on campus, or you can set up an online giving account on our giving app, PushPay.

If you have more questions